Be Still The Chichester Contemplative Prayer Group

Saturday 25th February 2017

  The Bible and Contemplative Prayer

The Revd Toby Boutle of St George's Church, Chichester, led the day looking at:

1. The nearness of the word: what does it mean to believe that God speaks to us in holy scripture?

2. Scripture and prayer in practice: lectio divina.

3. Prayer, the imagination and scripture: discussion and practice.

Past Events Spring 2017

Be Still ... Exploring silent prayer in the Christian tradition

Saturday May 20th 2017

Exploring the Wealth of Silent Prayer

This was a relaxed quiet day of prayer that ended with Compline. There were various types of silent prayer to explore and experience, based on the themes of Creativity, Labyrinth. Imaginative prayer, Nature and Music.

Each type was explained and there was time and space for participants to be on their own in silence to try the different approaches.  During the day, there were four short communal prayer sessions: